1. You will get gold for completing certain quests and for leveling up, but unfortunately, it isn't much (usually no more than 35 coins).
  2.  A few times a day, you can play a video advertisement from the movie screen. and you have a chance of winning gold there but again it's only 30-35 coins.
  3.  You can also purchase gold with real world money by using credit or gift cards. When you are at your farm, click plus symbol next to amout of your gold. Then chose amount of gold you wish to purchase and way in which you would like to pay.
  4.  If you plan to buy gold it's best to take advantage of the offers that pop up when you start to play as they often include other items you can buy to aid your farm or a donation to your co-op.
  5.  You can also get gold from the daily log-in bonuses. There is thirty gold during the beginning of the week and 50 gold at the end of the week.
  6.  There is also a way to get gold in the farm laboratory, which is made with dung and caterers (produces 100 gold.)
  7.  Gold is also given when you make a mistake in the game. The amount of gold given also can vary, sometimes none at all.
  8.  Gold is given during the wheel of fortune and the balloon well of fortune, with rare chances of showing up.
  9.  You can get gold from gold mining licenses, which can come from a variety of sources, and are used in the mine to get gold.
  10.  Gold can be gotten as a ranking reward. (Normally up to 100 gold)
  11.  Gold can be gotten when you haven't visited the game in a while. The amount can vary and there is a sorry note with an attachment of 100 gold.
  12.  Gold can also be got by putting in you personal information towards the beginning of the game. (I think 300).
  13.  Gold can also be gotten by supply drops which are attainable by a crowbar. These are found at the upper left and can provide a random assortment of goods.
  14.  Gold can also be
  15.  Gold is also gained by events.
  16.  You can also get gold from mystery boxes.
  17.  The cashier at the market can also give gold in exchange for money.
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